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Why am I learning this stuff?

How is it going to be useful in my career?

I have experienced these feelings in school way too many times. I believe you have, too.

Schools force us to learn things that we might not necessarily need. I call it Just-In-Case learning (JIC).

It usually goes like this: theory → theory → theory → practice. Most of the theory that we learn in school ends up being useless in practice.

Why do schools use the inefficient JIC learning technique?

I think it originated back when the educational resources were scarce a there were very few teachers. Schools had to prepare students for their careers ahead of time. And there was not that much to learn. You could fit everything into a few years at school.

JIC vs JIT learning

But in today's world, teaching resources are no longer scarce. We have the internet which amplifies everything. There is also a lot more material that could ever fit into a school's curriculum. People no longer have to learn everything ahead of time. They can just learn along while they are working.

It can go something like practice → theory → practice → theory. I call this Just-In-Time learning (JIT). This ends up being way more efficient and enjoyable.

Learning Inverted

JIT learning inverts our traditional JIC learning. You can start with practice and learn the required theory along the way. You can then start another project and learn more theory. This is way more enjoyable and leads to better understanding and retention of the material.

Rather than spending countless hours learning the (sometimes pointless) theory and even having it tested with stressful exams, you can enjoy the learning process.

Kids use JIT learning. They play with toys and when they stumble upon something new, they ask. They ask their parents what it is. Parents explain and they learn Just-In-Time instead of Just-In-Case.

So be like a kid, and learn just in time. Have fun. Invert Your Learning. Start by taking on a project. You don't need to know all the prereqs You will learn them along the way.

Inverted Projects

I'm a believer in Just-In-Time learning. So I have created these projects. They are for learning web3 which is the stuff I am interested in now.

I decided to start with creating projects for web3 because it's the most actively talked about topic as of right now. In the near future, I am planning to create Inverted Projects to learn about programming, quantum physics, and (maybe) synthetic bio. Stay tuned!

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